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Plant Relocation

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Plan Relocation Services

Cal's Electrical Service provides a comprehensive program for managing Plant Relocations to ensure a successful transition to the new facility or location.

We work with plant management from start to finish to provide;

  • Initial review of all facets of the relocation requirements, including removal and reinstallation at the new facility
  • Disconnection of the machinery from the old plant location, ensuring that all requirements for re-installation are fully documented.
  • Site preparation at the new location to ensure that the relocation will proceed smoothly
  • Installation or review of power requirements to ensure compliance to machinery requirements
  • Installation or review of machine control systems for the relocated machinery
  • Re-Installation at the new location, including set-up and test as required
  • On-Site support during start-up required to verify equipment operation
  • Post installation support to assist plant personnel in resolving any issues relating to machinery operation
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